Monday, November 1, 2010

My take on the Gap logo change.

Only a little over a week ago, the department store “Gap” altered its classic blue box logo to a simpler, sans serif version with a small blue box off to the side. Immediately after the changes were made, customers online went berserk and complaints flooded in about the new logo. Gap President says that the company did not handle the process of this decision in the correct way. Due to overwhelming discontent expressed from society, the company switched back to the classic Gap logo.

There is a lot to be learned from this earth-shattering incident. First of all this shows the importance of a something as simple of a logo. People are able to connect with stores and other businesses by enjoying the product they sell, the experience of going to there, and the way they feel when they leave. The people fall in love with the experience of going to a certain place, and a logo can personify everything they feel, every time they go there in one little picture. That is why people were so upset when the Gap changed theirs. Customers got used to going to the store they know and love and can trust to put out clothes they like every time they go there. So I’m sure the customers felt like the store is no longer the same as it once was and may not like it for the better.

I can see why the Gap Company wanted to get a new logo. Everybody today is updating their look and their sales were starting to drop too. Personally for me when I see the old Gap logo it reminds me of around 1996 when the TV show Friends was still new and exciting. It’s only what I’ve noticed in my fashion-less world, but that is when I think the Gap hit its high point in popularity, and that was fifteen years ago. So possibly if I felt that way, maybe the executives felt the same, that seeing the old logo is starting to remind you of old fashion trends instead of modern and hip ones. It just happened that the people that already shop there like it so much they can’t afford to lose that core group of customers, instead of finding new customers with the new logo. I like that all the complaints came in. It seems that we live in a world that wants to change everything constantly, but when that’s the case you aren’t able to appreciate the things that are really great. So all in all I’m glad fans of this store were willing to stand up for what they felt and they were rewarded for it.

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